Stigma or Respect

Tru here.  I was recently asked my opinion on how to stop stigmatizing behaviors and attitudes.

After thinking about this question I guess I’d like to change the perspective.

 When someone is singing out of tune it hurts, so it is easy for us to put them down – without recognizing in a positive way; Hey!  They are SINGING !

I believe that, for the well-being of all concerned to stay in the realm of reality, it actually IS important to recognize the negative aspects of life with dementia and deal with them – but also to (like the 40’s song) accentuate the positives wherever possible; the CAN do of life.

So often we address issues with “don’t!”, “can’t”, and “shouldn’t” … often creating more relationship problems than we solve.  For the stigma issue I would rather avoid that result.

One of our daughters is a very very basic teacher – a pre-school teacher.  She regularly reminds us that it may be a slower process but it is almost always better to give alternatives, redirect, or to … turn the behavior upside-down and request the OPPOSITE behavior.

In this case, I suggest we change the conversation from how can we “avoid” stigma for Persons With Dementia … into how can we ENCOURAGE respect for Persons With Dementia?

For me personally, that is why I spend a good part of each day gathering, categorizing, and sharing projects from Persons With Dementia; the products from those with diminishing cognitive abilities may not be Earth-shattering, but a Person With Dementia can be held up as a Mentor, as a Resource, as an Author, as an Artist, even as an ENCOURAGER when they smile.  Last year my friends and I created a “Success Stories” booklet, and it reflects the fact; we each have an appropriate level of “success” and the point is … Each human is worthy of respect.

Personally, I would rather not see respect DEMANDED because that, in itself, to me feels demeaning.

I would like to see the conversation change from a more politically-controlling conversation into a more positive context.  It is really simple and true of all humanity; we ALL need to receive respect … and Persons With Dementia are no different.  You know the song; R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

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