Wont Be Around Much

Tru here.  I won’t be around much for a while.

Some probably know that my MRI shows “mild to moderate cerebro-vascular disease”.  Probably had another slight stroke Thursday.  Suspect this is at least my fourth.  Sleeping a lot this week and will be avoiding any pressure in the near future.  Mostly avoiding my “work” of advocacy because I know (despite best efforts) I get wound up in all I “need” to do (long line of workaholics).  LOL

Will still be sending reminders for the four weekly Dementia Mentors’ chats that are during my own daylight hrs and attending chats whenever awake — as before, not the one that is like 1am my time (specifically for those living overseas).

Will probably still periodically participate in recorded Dementia Chats (Lori LaBey project) and in the advisory team for DAA in USA, but will be on limited basis for a while.  Will NOT try to keep track of new projects posted by Persons With Dementia symptoms.  Will NOT be on FaceBook hardly at all for a while so NO Private Messages will be picked up quickly … but I WILL be available email and text messages.

Will wait to resume exercise … but I am suddenly able to sleep again.  For past few months my average night sleep was back down to two or three hours per night despite best practices.  Now slept 18hrs Friday and 12 hrs Saturday.  We will see what today brings but I am going back to bed now.  Good night (again).

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8 thoughts on “Wont Be Around Much

  1. I think you are making a wise decision to cut back and take it easy. Sincerely hope you will be feeling better soon. I will help whenever I am able. I am getting ready for two trips in April and May so I don’t want to commit to hosting the cafes, but I will make an extra effort to be on the ones I attend early Take care of yourself..

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  2. i have found your messages truthful and inspiring (to me) “I won’t be around much” can also mean I will be around some which i will be glad

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      • hi tru, not much to know, and briefly age 73 3 mild strokes, diagnosed cerebral vascular disease.
        I did read some time ago your bio and saw a serious effort at trying to understand the spiritual side of life, living. if I can I might generalize this to trying to understand it itself. I mentioned some time ago in one of my unsuccessful job interviews (as a not very famous physicist I had many!) that there were two questions what’s happening – greeting of the 80’s- and why’s it happening. this was my afterthought to the greeting. I thought that physics tries to understand the first but not much use for the second. my interviewer thought the opposite-I of course did not get the job but the two questions have remained with me. you probably have thoughts about the second.

        I will stop tru and I realize your time is limited and so its ok not to respond.

        take care



      • David, so great to hear from you again. If i am guessing right physicist realm would include such interesting studies as quantum physics, string theory, and the AWARE consciousness study by Horizon Research Foundation. Pushing the boundaries of science would be such an intriguing field! As someone very interested in what makes up “personhood” these things are terrifically interesting (but now even more difficult to understand LOL)


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