Sound DisOrientation as Dementia Symptom

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There goes another useless alarm of some type. 

Tru here on July 30.  This morning is driving me crazy.  Since I have lost my auditory sense of direction, I can hear the sound but cannot tell what direction sound is coming from.  And my memory is impaired so cannot remember what sounds the different appliances emit.  I suspect the piercing chirps this morning were from smoke alarm somewhere.  When I hear the other sounds I don’t know whether to check the toaster, stove, the convection oven, the landline phone, my cell phone, or look around for what I have forgotten elsewhere.  Once in a while I figure out what is making the sound, but probably half the time I give up before figure it out.  It is all just so very frustrating; an exercise for futility and patience.  For many years alarms were wonderful tools to meet needs  … but this year? … I think I have progressed past their usefulness.  grr-r-r-r !!

August 6:  Have not had smell hallucinations for months but … they’re back !! and loud tinnitus buzzing in my ears. grr-r-r-r

Had problems this morning also:  Standing in bedroom.  I know I have clothes but what are they and where are they? (Wardrobe door is closed.)  Received message from someone – but do I know this person?  I know that I have a tool to help me with this, but is it a book?  Is it an index card in a file somewhere?  What and where is that tool?  (contact file in computer).  Reaching for an apple … in the drawer under the oven ???  LOL  What a day !!!


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10 thoughts on “Sound DisOrientation as Dementia Symptom

  1. I understand how difficult this is for you, but I do want to thank you for sharing. I wish my mother would have shared with me instead of trying to “hide symptoms”. I only know a little now. Once in a while She’ll tell me She feels “broken”. Now She’s in hospice care, but still walking, talking (as best She can) and eating. I wish you the best. ❤

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