Partnership With Time

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Thank you for consistency; being there this morning when I didn’t know what to do.

Tru here.  I think doubling my dementia medicine has been successful, allowing me additional reasoning abilities to have fantastic success on family history project during the weekend.  But yesterday was a disaster, with our argument then multiple foot cramps during the night.

By this morning I was thoroughly exhausted and not thinking clearly at all!

I knew it was currently 7am and I had only managed to get about 2hours sleep from walking the floor with pain from foot cramps.  I understood need to try for a little teeny bit more sleep before my 9:15 dental appointment but could not think clearly enough to know what to do about it.

So, despite the fact I knew he had been working on carpentry long into the night — I woke up my PARTNER.  Yes; we are “partners” in the care for me.

No recriminations.  There might have been some frustration for waking him from a sound sleep, but if so it didn’t show.  I couldn’t even put together the words to ask what I needed, but just reminded him that he needed to drive me to an appointment at 9:15 but I had not been able to sleep.  He asked what time it was.  When I told him 7am he calmly replied “set your alarm for 8am”.

That was what I needed.  Math story problems have been a huge problem for me lately and I simply could not figure out what the math problem was that I needed to do, then subtract the numbers in order to manage the time — I could do the rest and he did not try to do it for me.  I set the alarm and slept an hour.  Three hours sleep is a lot better than two (( smile )).

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