Teaser from speech on Person-Centered Compensatory Strategies

Teaser excerpt from my planned “Person-Centered Compensatory Strategies” speech;

Tru here.  One method for predicting helpful strategies
is capitalizing on the thinking processes which work best
— and minimizing reliance on those that work least, so …

… for this slide we used just one category of my Neuro-Psych scores, compared over time — math.
I was in gifted math during grade school, Business Student of the Year in High School, and worked in Accounting.
So my math started out very high.

Even after i lost my job from what was probably my first small stroke, arithmetic was still at 75th percentile.
That means my math was still better than 75% of others with 2yrs college.
But as you can see it’s now dropped to 5th percentile.

Ugggh!!  Numbers, numbers, numbers!
I no longer understand numerical concepts over about ten.
Numbers 75 and 57 sound like the same amount to me,
and the numerals look like the same amount.

But remember my visual processing is still extremely high, and abstract thought is still high?
So the work-around is this;

Husband makes a pie chart, graph, or picture for the numerical concept.
Then we still have communication.


I was feeling neuro-psych testing was a waste.
So husband put together a graph for each score, with comparison thru time.

When i looked at all those graph pages with decreasing bars of color on them,
then i could see that neuro-psych testing was truly reflecting my cognitive loss
… so maybe it was not a waste of time.


You might consider how Neuro-Psych scores could help YOU tailor strategies
… at least until conditions change again.

George Huba is a person with Fronto-Temporal Dementia who has a PhD in Psychology.  His communication and scheduling ideas capitalize on visual processing.  Check out some of his blog entries at https://hubaisms.com/


You won’t want to miss this important dementia conference and interactive technology showcase for June in Atlanta!  Dementia Action Alliance conference info is at >> http://daanow.org/north-american-dementia-conference-technology-showcase/

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3 thoughts on “Teaser from speech on Person-Centered Compensatory Strategies

  1. Interesting, Tru. Hadn’t considered the concept of actually graphing progressions. Makes sense though as you explain it so succinctly.

    Thank you for posting.

    Ellie Settle


  2. Hi True – Looks like you have done a ton of work for your speech, and thanks for promoting the conference. I might lighten up on the graphs. They might be a little confusing for some of us. I am sure you will do very well. Don’t stress.


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