Posting Memoirs

Tru here. I have begun posting memoir pages at right upper corner of this website, found under top header; some browsers show it as a drop-down tab labeled “Bits ‘n Pieces … Memoirs”.  My husband’s iPad shows it as a drop-down menu icon in upper right corner with no title, beside the search magnifying glass icon.

Inside that drop-down menu are more than a dozen pages from my memoirs, The title of each page begins “BnP” (for Bits ‘n Pieces).   Only one page can be read at a time, then go back up to the drop-down tab to read the next page.

Cover for "Bits 'n Pieces of Me: Memoirs to retain identity in the face of growing dementia"

Cover for “Bits ‘n Pieces of Me: Memoirs to retain identity in the face of growing dementia”

I realize this is a poor format for a book.  If someone knows of a better way to post my book online, please let me know by leaving a comment here or at my FaceBook page at .

I appreciate comments from all, but especially from fellow persons with dementia, on readability and whether pages are helpful or inspirational for you.  At some time in the future I may publish as book, so input is appreciated.

Thank you so very much to those persons attempting to read Part one of my memoirs yesterday! My blog stats show over 100 people tried to access Bits ‘n Pieces memoir pages yesterday, and only 14 people succeeded in getting to the BnP memoir pull-down menu with the actual pages of book. For those who had difficulty making their way to the actual BnP memoir pages, and would like to do so, I have posted them on a Pinterest page. It is not ideal either, but may be easier than blog format. Pages are listed as “BnP’ then (Part) 1 (dash) (Pg)#. To read, each page must still be opened separately, so suggest right-click and “open in new tab”. That will open Pinterest page in another tab, where you AGAIN click the picture, and it brings up the original Bits ‘n Pieces memoir page on my blog. When done, just close that tab and return to the Pinterest page, where you find the next page number and repeat the process.

There are 15 pages in part one, ending with the first big traumatic event in my life. Hope you enjoy. If anyone has suggestions I am still looking for alternate format in order to continue posting parts 2 and 3, since this doesn’t seem to work well. Hope you enjoy!   Link is at

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4 thoughts on “Posting Memoirs

  1. Do keep posting. I have a friend developing dementia & I’m trying to understand what she’s going thru’ – she doesn’t want to talk about it at all. Tks.


    • Hello. Thanks for the encouragement. If you have not been there yet, try . Only Persons With Dementia can become members, but there are videos and other resources available there to help give you insight. It is hard all the way around (( hugs )). Good for you for being ready to face it instead of saying “I don’t need these resources yet so I will wait”. THANK YOU !!


  2. Thank you, mom for all the long hours and sleepless nights you’ve put into making this available for the public. You’re a one in a million! Love you so much.


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