I was going to write

Tru here.

… but my mind is now blank.

When I sat down I had a subject in mind and I was thinking how helpful it might be to others
… but now that subject and potential content has disappeared.
Wisps of thought … gone.

That is how today has gone so it has been rather discouraging.
Wisps of thought … gone.

Every task I try to do today is repeatedly interrupted by forgetting why I am here and what I was trying to do.

At my own suggestion we are removing my name from credit cards and bank accounts.

I am glad that I don’t need to have any more mammograms or colonoscopies or anything like that,
but at the same time I am rather emotional that they are no longer needed.

I have no interest in watching another program or movie,
with characters I don’t remember
and plotlines that are confusing.
There are plenty of other things that I would like to do, so I am not bored, just frustrated.


In our conversation I told my husband that
all I understood were the first phrase of the paragraph and the last phrase of the paragraph,
so all the sentences in the middle might just as well have been “blah blah blah.”
He took me in his arms and his reply was,
“Okay, are you listening?”

“I love you blah blah blah … forever.”

Then the waiting tears fell. It is okay to cry.  Now I can pick myself up and move on.

I have decided not to wait until what I write makes sense;
I cannot edit it so I am going to post it the way it is.
Maybe it will make sense on another day and I can come back to edit.
— 2014-08/11

See “New Normal” >> https://truthfulkindness.com/2014/07/26/my-new-normal/

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4 thoughts on “I was going to write

  1. You may not remember the specific subject but you do remember you wanted to write. Would it help if you had pen & paper at all times to jot down your thoughts? Then read your notes and post in your blog. I must say you still write very well to let your readers know your emotions. I like the way you express your feelings. Don’t judge yourself too harshly.


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