Please Do This for Me

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The feeling of being surrounded by people
— but people so very DIFFERENT than I —
is loneliness … in a crowd of loved ones.

I APPEAR to be just my normal self.
No huge changes are visible.
All changes are beneath the surface.

You do not see change in my actions
so you assume no need to change YOUR actions.  … Yet.
— NOT TRUE — !

But even if you ask
I am not able to tell you in words.
… My words are not here.

My thoughts go around in circles — fragmented beyond retrieval.
Appearances are deceiving,
so YOU are the one who needs to take action:

I am consistently losing more ability to write,
but currently that is the best way to see what is going on,
for ideas on how to best participate in my life.

I know you do not see the need to make this a priority in your own life, … yet,
but if you want to be able to “reach” me next year, and the year after,
then these are necessary.

Please learn dementia communication techniques NOW while I can still participate in the learning;
while I can gain confidence and security that you have tools
to continue communication in the next couple years.  … when I cannot.

Otherwise I am alone in the “crowd” of my own family,
Terrified of misunderstandings in the coming years.
And screaming to be heard.

1. Listen to Teepa’s 15-minute introductory video at

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3 thoughts on “Please Do This for Me

  1. Thank you. When Teepa explains, I can understand so much more. I do think it’s very important. I helps us understand why someone will remember one thing and not the other.
    I understand why my mother seems to recognize me even if She doesn’t know why.
    Thank you again.
    I think you sharing what is happening is very selfless and helpful. I’m very grateful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, again, for sharing your world and thoughts! The video of Teepa Snow allows others to really get a grasp of the physiological changes that take place. Your words bring this video to light, encouraging more understanding and compassion to the journey.
    I send you “Truthful Loving Kindness”!

    Liked by 1 person

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