Dementia Success Stories

 PWD Success Stories 2in100ppiMy newest project: DEMENTIA SUCCESS STORIES:
“How we made a difference for self and those around us AFTER diagnosis”

A dementia brain-storming project by participants of PWD Perspective newsletter

Tru here.  UPDATE at page

This project had humble beginnings during a neurology appointment. “No one with dementia could possibly prepare such complete medical folder”, was what the learned specialist exclaimed after reviewing my comprehensive collection of medical reports, test results, and copies of lab work neatly categorized in two 3” binders.  Wow. CAPABLE persons cannot possibly have dementia; thanks for the encouragement! In the year since that specialist appointment, I have met many capable Persons With Dementia. The true realization just needs to be announced. “Success” can be anything from garden or craft project, to academic or dementia awareness efforts. Here is the proof that Persons With Dementia (PWD) can be capable, positive, dynamic, uplifting, motivating REAL People! Survey consists of only 12 short questions.  May or may not make your legal name available.  Answers will be compiled by Truthful Loving Kindness. Purpose: 1. To make available Dementia Success Stories initially in hard copy & continuing online. 2. To increase awareness for capabilities in early stages of dementia, to benefit newly-diagnosed PWD, family, & professionals. 3. To broaden perspective of PWD, families, & professionals. 4. To increase dementia awareness. 5. To provide contact information for peer interaction. 6. To increase application of PWD lived experiences thru including blog addresses. 7. To distribute at big international ADI conference in Apr 2015. 8. To make available to Alzheimers/Dementia organizations. 9. To make available to medical professionals and other professionals dealing with dementia issues. 10. To make available for PWD. 11. Donation-only; NO for-profit sales !! 12. Consequently hard copy distribution will be somewhat dependent on donations, because my wallet is not large enough to cover huge amount of printing and postage. Thank you to each and every one for sharing your story.  If YOU have not yet submitted info, but would like to share your story please contact me. — Tru * Admin issues: SHARE dementia awareness thru buttons below. If interested in receiving notice of future blog postings there is a “follow” button in the upper left corner (MS Explorer) or lower right (Safari and Chrome). Feel free to leave your thoughts in the form of comments, but please filter your comments with truthful loving kindness to all concerned. If there is an advertisement below, I have no control over what is shown. — Full legal name Truthful Loving Kindness copyright on 2015-01/19 Registered & Protected

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5 thoughts on “Dementia Success Stories

  1. You, dear Tru, are the warrior in setting an example that persons with dementia can and do live successful and fruitful lives! You continue to be an inspiration. Your knowledge is graciously shared with others and we all learn from your journey. Thank you , again, for inviting us to be a part of it all!

    Wishing you love and peace!
    Best regards,

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