Person-Centered Strategies

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My most useful strategies are those that are very person-centered. Graphic below began with the person-centered graphic we used in Dementia Action Alliance’s white paper of “Living with Dementia: Changing the Status-Quo” found here >>
Really appreciate “Wings of Prayer” drawing by Sunny Chandra, of Singapore, and meditation drawing from McNair Scholar’s Rock.

General tool: Muscle-Memory.
Specific tool: computer graph paper.

Learned to type at ten years old, so muscle memory for that is very deeply embedded.  i was business student of the year during high school, and proficient on all business machines.  25 years ago i was my company’s expert in using computer spreadsheets (digital graph paper where you fill in rows and columns).  My brain needs only little effort on remembering how to use this software tool because muscle memory for those functions are still automatic.

So, for right now, my biggest complications are remembering what project i am working on, what step i am in the project, and WHERE i saved pertinent information.  With decline in use of Lotus software (spreadsheet program i knew best), transfer to Microsoft Excel program, and that software’s continual evolution, muscle memory does not help when software loses capacity to use Lotus functions.  But right NOW, a computer spreadsheet is still a useful tool … for this particular person, with this history, set of talents, and interests.  Most folks are surprised that written lists are becoming less and less helpful for me … but a computer spreadsheet is still helpful.  I think a lot of that is because it cannot be lost or left behind (along with ability to sort by different criteria).  Digital backup is always filed in computer according to dewey decimal system (which others can help me with if i forget).  My most crucial tools are also on cell phone.  One of the biggest problems is that many women’s clothes no longer have pockets large enough for a cell phone … especially if pocket already holds dog-training treats and handkerchief.  LOL !

I think compensation tools need to be extremely person-centered.

General tool: relationships.
Specific tool: spiritual life.

Theology has been a major interest since the summer before i turned six years old.  So my spiritual life is not only a strong sustaining factor for me, but actually part of my compensation TOOLS for dealing with discouragement and loss of activities/behaviors that i strongly associate with my personhood.  It surprises some folks, but while most aspects of my life are declining, my spiritual life is still continually growing.  See separate blog for my spiritual journey.  >>

Again; effective tools are extremely person-centered !

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4 thoughts on “Person-Centered Strategies

  1. I must say that I truly enjoy reading your post. I have LBD and have many bad days , I was brought up in the church but have lost my way. Recently my wife came down with acute myeloid leukemia this has shaken me to the core and has given me the strength to become spiritual again. I don’t belong to a church but am finding my way. Hop you’ve had a wonderful Easter , keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine.


    • Hello. It is HARD when our spiritual foundation seems to crumble. REALLY hard !!! Are you on FaceBook? You can connect with me there at “Truthful Kindness”. You will need to remind me with Private Message of who you are, because i get way too many friend requests (and delete most of them). But would love to be able to keep in contact in that way. THANKS for comment, new friend. — Tru


  2. Hi,

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    • Hello Meagan. Thank you for this notification. I have been unsuccessful in the embed process during past years, but may hire someone to help me this year. Slight correction for the write-up at your website; my legal name is no longer Belinda. In 2007 my legal name became Truthful Loving Kindness. THANK you. — Tru


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