TLK Strategies 2017Speech Intro

Tru here.  This is transcript for the short 2-min intro for my speech on Person-Centered Compensation Strategies.
Dementia Action Alliance 2017 conference in Atlanta GA on 2017-Jul 27.
* Qualifications.
* Compensation strategy is TEMPORARY work-around.
* Transcript & video will be available.
* DAA white-paper on “Living with Dementia: Changing the Status Quo”.


Transcript for Introduction:

“”Thank you for the introduction Kirsten,
and thank you DAA for giving persons with dementia speaking opportunities.
So why should i speak on person-centered strategies ?

Since my physical dys-abilities began at 18yo,
I had more than 20yrs to analyze compensatory strategies
and put that perspective as priority
before my cognitive dys-abilities began …at 41yo.

Now I’ve had 17 more yrs, to analyze work-arounds for progressing cognitive dys-abilities.

A compensation strategy, or “work-around” is by nature usually a temporary fix,
and that’s very VERY true of life with dementia symptoms.
The strategy that worked last month may not work this month
due to progression of symptoms, or,
with Lewy Body Dementia it may not work an hour from now,
because of the wild fluctuation of symptoms.
So be flexible.



Trying to cover lots of material.
We’re recording this, and a transcript will be on my blog.
So I’ll quickly touch on as many strategies as I have time for,
then take a few questions  … on the topic of
Person-Centered Strategies.

Have you seen the DAA white-paper on
Living with Dementia: Changing the Status Quo” ?
I think the most useful strategies are person-centered, meaning …

Even with the same type of dementia,
due to our history and composition,
each one has WIDE differences from others.
Those differences change which strategies work for each of us,
and how long they’ll work.
So clockwise …””

    *     *     *

Link for this section is now available on YouTube at >> <<

Beginning with Psychological Dys-Abilities, Abilities, and Strategies, i will give transcript of remaining sections of speech in coming weeks, … but if you just cannot wait, the entire session (over 1hr including both Laurie’s and my presentations) is now on YouTube at >>  <<


Work-Around Merriam-Webster says a work-around is “a plan or method to circumvent a problem …“.  Wiki indicates “A workaround is typically a temporary fix that implies that a genuine solution to the problem is needed. But workarounds are frequently as creative as true solutions, involving outside the box thinking in their creation.  Typically they are considered brittle in that they will not respond well to further pressure from a system beyond the original design.”  Unfortunately no “fix” is in sight for any of the varieties of dementia.  And, due to the progressive nature of dementia, symptoms progress and each work-around is temporary because it will eventually no longer go around the problem.  But each successful work-around can extend our abilities for an unknown amount of time — just as most known medications for dementia.


Each person is made up of much more than medical history and medical perspectives, as illustrated by the cover chosen for the DAA white-paper on “Living with Dementia: Changing the Status Quo”(white papter is free online at the “Resources” tab on DAA’s webspace >>

(Here i modified the cover to illustrate this “TOOLS” application.)

A person-­centered approach embraces a holistic bio-­‐psycho-­‐social-­‐spiritual model of care.  A person-­centered approach considers what is most important to the person, including his or her goals and preferences and seeks to actively promote well-­being.  (pg 14/ “Living with Dementia: Changing the Status Quo” by DAA)


Strategies are not ‘one size fits all’ !  Any specific strategy that works well with my own psychological, spiritual, social and biological history/perspectives may work well for someone else  — and then again it might not work at all.  So each person or care TEAM needs to look at individual strategy options with that specific person in mind — holistically.


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