Strategy of Electric Toothbrush

Tru here.  My abilities have been gradually decreasing for years.  This means adaptive strategies that have been productive in the past … become no longer productive.  Either need new adaptations for old strategies, or new strategies need brought in to meet new needs.  Most recent added strategy has been for dental hygiene to avoid mouth sores; electric toothbrush


If i can see mouth in mirror, then i can use two hands in order to help toothbrush find my mouth,
but losing muscle control for where and how forcefully i am jamming toothbrush.
Brushing teeth involves multiple simultaneous movements, which is becoming increasingly difficult for my dementia symptoms.
This has created gum sores in ditch between teeth and cheek.
In video chat, a number of my friends have now purchased electric toothbrush, so i did also.


With electric toothbrush, i no longer need to manage multiple SIMULTANEOUS movements for brushing my teeth;
i just need to move toothbrush to different parts of my mouth and the power element scrubs teeth and gums.
The vibration is a bit tickly right now, but i think my symptom progression is still early enough that i will adapt to that sensation — better than mouth sores.
If i get conditioned to that sensation now, might come in very handy to keep using electric toothbrush during later stages


Toothbrush gives 3 bell-sound notifications at intervals, for moving to different sections of mouth,
then turns off after last 30-second interval.
So no more scrubbing enamel off my teeth because of over-scrubbing.


If i think of a funny, uplifting closure, i will put it here.  But i have not thought of one yet.



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9 thoughts on “Strategy of Electric Toothbrush

    • timer is built in 😀 That was an important feature we looked for, along with automatic shut-off so that i do not destroy any more of my tooth enamel 😀 Are YOU looking for one also, Judy ? Have not had this very long, so cannot really make brand recommendation.


  1. Tru, your communiques are always so plainly informative. For those of us who are not suffering but are care giving, your thoughts bring to light issues which may not have previously been considered. I am sure you have provided many a “normal” person with some “ah hah” moments. I know I myself would not have considered brushing one’s teeth to be such a complicated process – after all we have been doing it since we were toddlers – your explanation of the impeding complications created by physical and mental changes caused by the dementia process are very helpful.

    Take care and keep writing. ❤


    Liked by 1 person

      • I always admire how well you are still able to put your thoughts in writing in the face of the unrelenting progression of the affliction. Having a certain appreciation for the struggle that can be from watching my spouse deal with “confused” days and other issues, my admiration only continues to grow in respect of your effort and dedication. I read everything you write because those offerings are so precious. You are now and always will be a special person. Ellie<3

        Liked by 1 person

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