Defining the Newest Communication Problems

… no real solutions yet, but first step to find coping strategy is defining the problem.  So here is our current status in that process.

Lots of stuff happening in my life right now, but want to update folks on what is happening in the dementia arena of my life also.


extra problem is not only out-going words, – but understanding what is said.

Yesterday husband said something.
I had stopped what i was doing and was looking at him.

i told him that i could not understand what he said.
(i could understand each word — but they were not connecting to make thoughts).

He laughed and told me that my statement was perfect illustration of his point.

What he had said was that he felt like our communication had taken a drop in effectiveness,
and he was concerned.

… i guess he is right, LOL.
we need to find some extra communication strategies.  (Apr 29)



Guy’s report (another time).  (i am typing as he is telling me what he wants me to write).

Lately you have been less resilient to break focus while working on project, in order to engage in conversation.
I realize that is probably because you dont want to lose track of your current thoughts.

In recent past i have felt it is necessary to schedule time (appt) where we can talk about items of importance or interest, so that she does not need to feel her train of thought is being derailed.  Now i ask for “When you get to a stopping point” … but then you forget, so i need to come back and ask again.


Guy’s report of another communication challenge:

I told her I was sending link for news article “could you please check and make sure you got it, and that you are able to open it”.  I received an affirmative reply from Tru.  However, a moment later, Tru said “Got it.  I was able to send it out.”

But I discovered that “Got it” did not mean she received my email.
it meant she was able to configure what she had been working on before i spoke with her.
When i asked her “Could you open it” she replied
“oh, i just sent it off.”

Parallel conversation with similar subjects … we still dont know if Tru received email, or could open it.

So conversation was communicating … but in parallel world.
“I got it and sent it off” had nothing to do with my email going to her, but it sounded like she was talking to me. !!

If Tru seems to be really involved,
focussed on a project while i am trying to give her information,
just like any two sane adults,
we need to stop and somehow make certain that we are in the SAME conversation.




… no real solutions yet, but first step to find coping strategy is defining the problem.  So here is our current status in that process.
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