Reading Clocks

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Again, i can only speak for myself, but i suspect i am not the only individual with dementia symptoms who understands analog clocks (with numbers on round face) better than digital clocks (with only numbers).  i also suspect there will be progressively less of us NEEDING analog clock during coming decades and century, simply because i think digital clocks are used almost exclusively now; analog clocks dont seem to be needed and are “old fashioned”.

When i started school, all clocks were analog.
Clock pictures were all a happy round face with two hands.
That has changed with the years, to where most folks understand both analog and digital clocks.
But i think SOME schools may have mostly abandoned teaching time with concept of analog clocks.

Last week my computer needed upgrade to Windows 10, and
one of the things lost was the analog clock widget on my desktop.
…  Now i discovered i am having much more problems with time.

Digital clocks require ability to subtract, and
ability to keep in mind that we are working with 60 minutes as a complete unit;
not divisions of 10 or 100 as is customary.
… But i am losing those abilities.

… For ME;
i need to see that there is “this much” space before the long hand gets to the top of the hour.
i need to see that there is “this much” space before both hands are at the top of the clock and it is naptime.
i need to see that there is “this much” space before the short hand gets to the bottom of the hour, and night arrives.

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1) The issue of clocks in schools >> ;
2) Microsoft has retired the feature in newer releases of Windows. Gadgets could be exploited to harm your computer, access your computer’s files, show you objectionable content, or change their behavior at any time. An attacker could even use a gadget to take complete control of your PC.  >> ;
2) Found an analog clock app, but don’t know whether it is “safe” (carries any spyware, etc.)  >>

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  1. I find myself becoming more and more anxious about learning new technological advances and changes. I also have difficulty retaining multiple steps to follow.

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