Added this Week on Relationships

Tru here.

For me,
this time of year is a time of introspection and self-analysis for RELATIONSHIPS;
relationships with Self, Creator, Family, Friends, and Community (seen and unseen).


TEASER: Finished some pages on RELATIONSHIP (listed below),
but also very hard-at-work on an index of Links for Symptoms and Strategies from me and some of my friends.
The project has 10 hours invested so far, and estimate additional 10 to 20 hours for completing the project.  ((anticipation))


This week Finished a page for Harry Urban (on relationship with SELF and disease/illness):

LIVING with Dementia at >> ;


and Family relationships:

“Bee Naughty” (when children were removed from parent due to lack of funds) at ;



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Index for other contributors is here >>

My most crucial entries are here >>

Most recent are here >>

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i am attending few Zoom groups right now.

Calendars will eventually be removed to prevent over-Loading the upLoad limit for website “Media Library”, because they actually take quite a bit of mb.  Calendar Expired.

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