MicroWave: My Cup Runneth Over

Tru here.

Husband and i agreed that i should not use the stove for about 8yrs now,
because i cannot remember to turn the flame off,
and i have a difficult time with which direction to turn the knob in order to turn flame down.
Dread the day i can no longer use the MicroWave.
Needing to ASK every hour or so to heat my drink … well i would probably just go without my protein drink
… which would trigger crash of blood sugar and need for 9-1-1.


MicroWave: It is not surprising that I repeatedly over-heat food.  What makes it notable is my (repeating) rationale behind it.
I want to get my drink warm enough the first time.
So every time my thought is “what is the worst that could happen
— only that it burns my mouth if I am not careful … so I will be careful but I will make sure my drink gets hot enough”.

Every time I forget that this is a repeating scenario.

AGAIN I set timer for extremely long and I forget that the fluid will boil out all over the microwave.
Sometimes there is no drink left in the cup.

i also have a problem remembering NEED for heat protection, and HOW to use potholder in my hand.


NO; please do not prevent my use of the microwave.



  • Now I have a painting from my daughter re-installed on microwave door, reminding me that “My Cup Runneth Over”.
    (i discovered that i had a picture from her before, but it fell off).
  • Cooking times chart taped to microwave; Includes time for initial prep of my drink in large mug (99seconds) , time for RE-heat (1minute if mostly full), 33 seconds for my oatmeal, and 17 seconds for a small chicken “sausage”. Those are the primary items that I heat in microwave.
  • Since I no longer remember how to use potholders, I have a silicone glove stationed right beside door of microwave, to remind me.



Adapting by Jennifer Bute at https://vimeo.com/105022828 ;


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2 thoughts on “MicroWave: My Cup Runneth Over

  1. I also stopped cooking on the stove about 8 years ago. One time I left hamburgers cooking on the stove and went into another room and shut the door. Totally forgot I was cooking. When I opened the door smoke poured into my room – the house was full of smoke and the smoke alarm went off. This is common and very dangerous for people with a dementia diagnosis. Please take precautions before a tragedy occurs.

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