Early Swallowing Problems

Tru here.


i have been dealing with slowly progressing dementia symptoms for over 20 years now.  New symptoms are always traumatic.


… in past week have noticed unpredictable problems swallowing.  Not at any specific time of day, etc.
First it was SOMETIMES when swallowing pills, then sometimes when swallowing just a hot or cold drink with nothing added. 
In my case, the drink is not “stuck” in the throat, instead, i am unable to trigger the muscles to begin a “swallow” routine.

For ME right NOW, swallow problems happen when i am trying to do something else at the same time


A few moments ago i got up from sitting position and realized urgent need to go to the bathroom, but i was also trying to swallow the drink that was already in my mouth. 
Trying to hold the pee in … while swallowing … did not work so well.


So my husband told me that i am functioning better than 80% of the population;
he said “Dont be so hard on yourself.  You are trying to do 3 things at one time. 
1) Walk to bathroom 
2) Hold in the pee
3) swallow the drink in my mouth. 

— He thinks i am doing exceptionally well, because most people cannot walk to the bathroom and hold the pee in, let alone do something else at the same time.  ((LOL))


 ***  in the future, i will try to make sure i am not trying to do anything else (at the same time) BEFORE i put the drink in my mouth.


Difficulty in swallowing is called “Dysphagia” >> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dysphagia .

VeryWellHealth mentions on DysphaGia and DysphaSia (impaired Language) ; “Both of these conditions are caused by neurological damage to the brain that comes from an injury or a stroke. Both dysphagia and dysphasia are treated by speech therapists and both have to do with a person’s ability to control muscles in the mouth and throat.  >> https://www.verywellhealth.com/first-aid-phraseology-dysphagia-vs-dysphasia-1298200 .  i realize that may be a bit too generalized, but here is a Link with much more detail >> https://gi.org/topics/dysphagia/ .



… you might also want to check the “Swallowing” section of my favorite Links for strategies, alphabetically by symptoms at >> https://truthfulkindness.com/about/d-info/links-sx-strategies/ .


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10 thoughts on “Early Swallowing Problems

  1. Good info. Tru! Thanks for sharing! B

    On Sun, May 16, 2021 at 9:37 AM Truthful Loving Kindness wrote:

    > truthfulkindness posted: ” Tru here. . i have been dealing with slowly > progressing dementia symptoms for over 20 years now. New symptoms are > always traumatic. . … in past week have noticed unpredictable problems > swallowing. Not at any specific time of day, etc.First it wa” >

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  2. Could you please share on outbrusts especially ones involve cussing?
    My brain has prescribed med but it’s still an issue and seems to be getting worse.

    Also a friend who has adhd and whose parents had dementia in the past year and half has been questioning everything with me or debating/arguing against me.

    Recent incident occured while I’m I’ll and in extreme hip pain. I wrote out detailed instructions regarding delivering money. She decided to do different without calling and asking me.

    I had a major meltdown yelled and cussed. She then yelled and cussed back storming out slamming door.

    She blames ADHD althro she has no official diagnosis.

    The stress of this pandemic is really taking a toll on my relationships.

    Thank you try for sharing and helping as best you can



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    • Thanks ! i am not aware that i am having outbursts, so i asked husband. He says that i never used to swear at all, but now sometimes one word will burst out of me.
      You are right; i think we are under a lot of stress, and i think that is where MY words are coming from.
      However, i am also aware that we have much less filter these days, to remind us of who we WANT to be. ((hugs)).


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