May Pages by others with Dementia Symptoms

I am beginning to eliminate the “PWD” label from by own vocabulary.
I will NOT go to each one of my friends who have dementia symptoms with the need to discuss diagnosis issues, especially with the recent changes is terminology and definitions. Instead I will attempt to change my own phrasing, titles, and pictures, in both blog and newsletter, with efforts to minimize misunderstandings. But this will take time, so please show patience, but also do not be surprised at the changes.

So far this month I have posted pages from the following persons with dementia SYMPTOMS who have shared their lived experience: Cecil Ristow, David Kramer, Harry Urban, Janet Pitts, Kevin Smiley and Max McCormick. Thank you so very much for your generosity of letting the public into your private world ! My hope is that your words can be applied to help and encourage other patients, care-partners, and professionals.