DST/ Holiday Confusion: Retain ROUTINE

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Tru here.  This is first of series for Dementia Symptom Tip Posters/ Holiday Confusion: Retain Routine (as much as possible):

My dementia symptoms continually progress, but they progress very slowly.  Progression is so slow that family and friends do not see a need for change on their part.   So they ignore the changes as much as possible and simply continue to love me.  It is a wonderful thing to continue to show me love and wish to spend time with me but the changes are happening whether you wish to acknowledge them or not.

Probably the largest contribution you could make to assist with the symptom of my confusion during these holidays is to understand the crucial effect of “background” noise.  The second is understanding effect for loss of routine.

Sleeping time and routine to prepare for bed.
Eating time and routine
Dressing time and routine
Location of my supplies in fridge and bathroom.

For further detail see the following:

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“Danger of Unusual Circumstances” (Written by Tru) at https://truthfulkindness.com/2015/02/09/danger-of-unusual-circumstance-storm/;

“Mix up my Routine = Mix up Me,” written by Laurie Scherrer at http://dementiadaze.com/2015/03/02/mix-up-my-routine-mix-up-me/;

“Routine, Routine, Routine”, written by Silverfox at http://parkblog-silverfox.blogspot.com/2015/09/routine-routine-routine.html;

“Getting Back to Normal??” written by George Rook at https://georgerook51.wordpress.com/2015/08/22/getting-back-to-normal/;

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3 thoughts on “DST/ Holiday Confusion: Retain ROUTINE

  1. MCI is not always dementia related. Please do not mislead the public that MCI equals dementia. MCI is an umbrella of symptoms indicating issues in the body and not all relate to dementia. How long have you had dementia symptoms? If more than 3-5 years, you should have a solid dementia diagnosis by now. It sounds like, given your history with Lyme disease, that you have a chronic Lyme disease syndrome…..not true dementia.


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