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((above photo was taken when i was young adult looking out the window toward our closest neighbor, with cars slipping and sliding on the road between us))

a few Holiday items on OTHER’S webspace: 

Paul Hitchmough and Tommy Dunne song “Hope” at .

Christmas Tree analogy from Laurie Scherrer at ;

George Huba at .

… from George Rook at

Grief, Apathy, and Holiday Emotions 1-hr video by Dementia Chats’ panelists at ;

Housing and Holiday strategies 17-min vid with Mark Roberts at ;


These are some of the holiday-themed Quotes and pages in this blog-space (but again, remember Links are on the TEXT):


Chris Roberts 19 Nov 2014:
It’s Christmas!
Joy and laughter, presents and snow
Turkey, crackers, hats and cake
Children playing, noise and fuss …
Stressed and anxious, feeling low
Shouting and music, nowhere to go
Staring, eyes open, tears they flow
Pacing, talking, walking and walking
Heart racing, pounding, I now feel sick
Head spinning and hurting!
It’s Christmas I think.
© chrisroberts

… ♪♫ … •*¨*•.¸¸♥    ♥   ¸¸.•*¨*• … ♫♪ …




“Spiritual and Holiday Issues” by Truthful Kindness at ; (above Menorah 2022 has “Shammash” candle in the center.)



Quote from Michael Woods 2014Dec19:
Dementia – I’m quite wondering what Christmas has come to mean to me,
except I seem to know what it means to everyone else


“Retain Routine” by Truthful Kindness at ;

.“Being Santa by Harry Urban at ;


Context of Symptoms by Truthful Kindness at  ;


“All I Want for Christmas” by Harry Urban at ;


Holiday comments from Michael Woods:
2014Dec07: “Dementia – Thought I’d get everyone an Easter card for Christmas, then wait for them to contact me to see how my condition’s progressing.” 

20141229 Dec 29: Dementia – In bed Christmas morning, wondering what I’d like to be when I grow up.

2014Dec29: Dementia – Experiencing the last two weeks at a snail’s pace, I must have been travelling at the speed of light – Where’s Christmas?


“Verbal Greetings” by Truthful Kindness at >> ;


“Apathy at Christmas” by Michelle Montgomery at ;


HarvstCelebratn 29Oct2021//

“Back on Track” by Theresa Montgomery at



“Christmas Spirit High” (and recent crafts) by Harry Urban at



Hurting Holiday Prayer by Truthful Kindness at


… and “January Sag” by Truthful Kindness at

not PLwD: Dr. Elaine Eshbaugh’s suggestions at >> .

not PLwD: Teacher Teepa Snow on Holiday planning at >> ;


add some Holiday Art projects from OTHERS:


painting from Kathleen Anduze above.


Photo from Gord Settle (in the Yukon) above


… and other holiday art projects from ME are:


Kintsugi Ornament 20221220//  Above is named “Kintsugi” for the Japanese art of repairing pottery using Lacquer covered (or mixed) with precious metals. copyright Truthful L. Kindnes on 20Dec2022.


Holiday Family Music Train// Above is joint project with me and my daughter.  Charlene did the drawing, and i added the color.



Above is December Star 2021.

  .DecStar2020//  Above is one of my first projects on ProCreate application, with my new iPad; December Star 2020.


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