Verbal Greetings

Hello.  Tru here.

Holidays, New Year, and in fact every day that has social interaction is full of greetings.

1. Greetings can be very confusing;
if you are really just saying “Hello” … then please just say “HELLO” (or Good Morning, etc),
instead of confusing me by asking a question (ie: How are you)
then being frustrated when i take your time by answering it.

2.  Please don’t ask me “How have you been Lately?” (Yesterday is gone, so How should i know?)
That question first brings frustration, because reinforces the fact that i have no idea how i have been (in the past).
Then i must translate to a question that i DO have ability to answer, such as
How are you feeling (right now)?”, or “How are you today?” 😀

3.  If you ASK a question, then
be prepared for fact that it will probably take more than a few moments to compose words
translating my feelings into words.

4.  If you ASK how i am doing, then
do not be offended or embarrassed by the nitty gritty that i might not be doing well at all !
i am not asking for pity or “Woe is me, send me a pity-party”.
There must be truth for meaningful relationship,
and i am trying to uphold my portion
of what i hope is, or will become, a relationship
(even if it is a very brief relationship).
If i am doing great, then that is probably what i will say,
along with some of the highlights.
If life is skating from one catastrophe to another,
then that is probably what i will say, along with some of the highlights.

5.  * i am not a good conversationalist any more.
After answering your question, most likely i will be at a loss to continue the conversation.
It’s not that i am not interested or don’t enjoy your company
… i just have a difficult time transitioning into more ideas and social graces.
So please do not be offended if the conversation has elephant-sized pregnant pauses on my part.
Plenty of things that we could talk about, but i will probably not think of them,
… so the ball is in your court to keep the conversation going.



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7 thoughts on “Verbal Greetings

  1. Tru, that response could well adapted by most people in their conversational practices. I think, in personal experience, the polite opener of ”how are you” isn’t a serious question in reality. It is a customary pleasantry only and the asker isn’t really interested in the long version answer. “Hello” ”Good day” etc. are perfectly suitable greetings especially for passing acquaintances who really don’t know one that well anyways. I find a lot of the commonly occurring incidents that you so wisely write about are suitable for most situations. Food for thought for us all who go about our lives not thinking about mundane interactions that to others may present difficulties. You are helping to open up our eyes to becoming more aware of those we encounter. Thank you for your insight yet again.

    Happy New Year


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  2. I am noticing that in social situations I can start out very strong and vibrant in my engagement but then sort of settle into a daze while others go on conversing. I fade off and then I am happy to leave altogether. I really find it harder and harder to pay attention or really care about much.

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