Change from FaceBook issues — and Pgs Added

Tru here.
Beginning on Friday, and Again today, i have no access to see my Dementia Symptom Perspectives’ FaceBook page. I can see when someone responds on it, but how many others are like me in that they cannot see what is posted on a page that requires very high time investment ?
i can add items to the page,
… and of course FaceBook wants me to spend money on the page.
But cannot see any of the past entries because no matter what i do, only the header shows.
About a dozen friends have had their FB accounts hacked in past 3 days. Quite a few other friends have left FB in past months, due to fraud and other problems.  i suspect FaceBook popularity is on the decline.
… so …
for RELIABLE contact, suggest my blog webpage.
Beginning Nov 1, i hope to resume weekly Blog entries, and i will continue SOME presence on FaceBook, but do not expect to see me near as much on FB, because i do not have confidence in it.  That “new” time will be filled with other things that i have not had time for in past two years (like exercise and crafts).
— Truthful Loving Kindness to all ❤

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Emil Petrin & Family Gathering (plus pdf for recent binder i provided there)

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