FaceBook Friends (FaceBook Strategies 2)

Tru here with second of two (2) FaceBook items regarding FaceBook Strategies:


This is speaking directly to my FaceBook friends living with dementia,
regarding FaceBook “FRIEND” status.

When someone asks for FaceBook (FB) “friend” status
and you see my name as mutual friend
that does NOT insure you will enjoy having them as a “friend”.
it does NOT mean they will be Truthful, Loving, or Kind.

However it DOES mean there is a good chance they said they are living with some type of dementia,
or a smaller chance they are a fellow dementia advocate as care-partner or professional.

i have many FB “friends” who are full of anger and bitterness.  At times they can reflect that in hateful comments.
Also, many MANY folks have simultaneous conditions going on, — sometimes psychological conditions.
So my primary purpose for using FaceBook “notifications” tool is in order to by-pass FaceBook “news Feed”
( where many of the hate-ful comments and pictures are viewed ).
“Notifications” are very seldom forwarding what someone else says or other folk’s pictures.
Mostly it is pictures or words directly from my FaceBook “friend”.
That does not eliminate viewing the anger and bitterness, but it minimizes seeing it … as Long as i avoid FB “news Feed”.

Don’t get me wrong; i also have many FB friends who are very supportive, truthful, loving, and kind.

i am just saying, do NOT approve a “friend” request just because i am mutual FB friend.  Check them out.


We need to be careful about who we accept for our FaceBook “friends”.
i get close to 3 FaceBook “friend” requests per day.
I probably accept 2 FaceBook “friend” requests per WEEK.

No matter how many “mutual friends” there are, i send them a private message with the following:

“”Tru here.
Thanks for offer of FB “friend” status.
Are YOU a fellow person living with dementia symptoms … or where do i know you from ?””

i do NOT add as FB friend until they answer me, regardless of how many mutual friends we have.

When they answer with talk about my picture, or just wanting to “get to know” me ( which is most of them )
i delete most — and report them to FB as Scam.
Sometimes i can see that i do not want that person as “friend” from pictures on their personal page,
or if male and ALL their FB friends are female.
Most of the others, I suggest we can keep in contact at Dementia Symptom Perspectives’ FB page & send Link.
The few who tell me they are living with dementia, those i seriously consider.


!!! Gotta be careful ,
and dementia symptoms strongly impact how many folks we can keep track of, on and off FaceBook !!!

Part 1 >> https://truthfulkindness.com/2019/03/22/facebook-strategies-1/


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