Computer Complications

Tru here.

Computer Administrative stuff is just getting much more complicated for me lately.
Complications with getting into Zoom video meetings,
Complications with compiling the info needed for my various tasks.

Sometimes i am asked what my days are like.
i have often given samples of complications in hygiene, sleeping, etc,
but today thought i would describe my daily “work”.

i am Administrative Assistant for Dementia Mentors, which has certain online and computer-based tasks.
My personal Advocacy project (along with blogging) is Dementia Symptom Perspectives;
i gather projects from Persons Living with Dementia
(often abbreviated PLwD, but in other contexts can also mean Persons Living with DysAbility).
i share those projects in various social media,
hoping they can increase understanding
and perhaps trigger strategy-search with care-partners and professionals.
i use the FaceBook page of Dementia Symptom Perspectives for FB sharing,
but also use it as my holding area until i get time to add each project to my spreadsheet of Links.
(A spreadsheet is like a computerized “Ledger” sheet or columnar pad.)
(See >> )

and today, i am trying to transfer from my “off-work” hobby of Family History.

i currently have way too many windows open, counting online Links, documents and spreadsheets. 
I kept opening Links, hoping for the key that would fit the puzzle to make them all work together.
All these windows hold pieces for current project,
but cannot pull all the concepts together in order to make sense of them,
so that i can save the information appropriately and close the windows.

And when i return to the desk after food, bathroom-break, chicken-care, (and especially sleeping, LOL),
my brain is like a clean slate, and i have extremely difficult time remembering even what the project is about,
and why i have all these windows open.

i try to use a document to track my actions, so that i can recover my thoughts,
but usually not very successful at chosing words that make much sense to me after a “project blink”.

i opened most of these Links 3 DAYS ago.
Took most of the next day trying to recover my thoughts and
was able to work constructively an hour or two of that day before bed.
The next day NOTHING was achieved
– unable to pull together any of the strings of thought that go with these many computer windows.
They have now been open 3 DAYS.
i have numerous Advocacy tasks that are important, so must get these windows off my desktop,
and i am despairing of ever pulling together these concepts
— but it is important !!!

i have not found this info collected anywhere,
and TOGETHER, i think it says …
i forget what i think it says, but something important about this ancestor or string of ancestors.

so today i will just copy all these Links into my General Family History document in a List, and give up for a week or so.

So on to the next task for the beginning week, and …

Cannot remember names of my friends (Persons Living with Dementia, or PLwD),
so that i can find their projects to share on Dementia Symptom Perspectives.

It might help to review my list with hundreds of FaceBook/Twitter friends living with dementia
(yes, i have a spreadsheet for that, LOL)
in order to find the specific name i am searching for.
But i realize it will take a lot of time searching for the bell of recognition.

However, today i cannot even remember how to find that PLwD matrix,
in order to begin the task of finding the Lady that sometimes writes on the intersection of dementia symptoms and faith.
If i could find my matrix then maybe i could search the term … what is that ??
i just had it …
Quaker !

Gave up and was telling Guy about the problem when her name occured to me; Shelagh.

But this matrix is crucial; it has a half-dozen “sheets” containing important information for Dementia Mentors,
(along with my Dementia Symptom Perspectives data
with thousands of PLwD project Links i have been collecting for the past 5yrs).
i have made the decision to work with half-dozen “sheets” for different topics — on one file,
so that i have less files to keep track of,
but now cannot even find that one file.

I have Dewey Decimal, so is it in 363 for Social Problems/Dementia Organizations/DSP, or 616 for Medical Problems/Dementia/Ppl with Dementia, or maybe 800s with Authors ?  i need to just make a desktop Link for this matrix and couple other files i use over and over again during the week … but then i am afraid i will forget how to use Dewey Decimal System, so lose access to my years of work in other areas.

Finally found matrix, and found her name in my matrix.  Her blog is .
Now that the day has been spent trying to find stuff,
i have finished my first (5 minute ?!!) task,
— in about 6 hours.

Life is just so VERY much more complicated and time-consuming with dementia symptoms.


Hope to have more family time during the next six weeks, so i may skip some blog weeks.
THIS WEEK along with daily Dementia Mentors’ video chats, i may (or may NOT) join

Thurs DAA Discussions
No DAA Discussion this week due to conference …

Also dont forget upcoming conferences below (which i will NOT be attending as i have no funding):
Jun 20-22: DAA conference in Atlanta GA on June 20-22 >> and
Jun 24-26: LewyBody LBDA conference in LasVegas June 24-26 >
> .

Teepa Snow’s next video Zoom, “Lets Talk”, open to all persons with dementia, will be held Tuesday July 23.  Requires prior registration.  Free webinar session for anyone living with dementia who would like to share ideas, concerns, experiences, partner issues or successes. The topics will be determined by the group. Can be kind-of frustrating working with the registration process, but if you get stuck there is a phone number of someone to help. That is what i needed to do, and so glad Teepa Snow provides a helper for this process. >> .

i hope to attend Teepa Snow’s conference November 17-19 >> .

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10 thoughts on “Computer Complications

  1. You are doing amazing work for Dementia Mentors! Don’t get too upset if your symptoms appear and frustrate you. I try to feel blessed to have the cognitive skills that I have and don’t worry about the other things! Everything eventually gets resolved.

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  2. WOW Tru! You’re a better person than me. I freak out when I have more than 3 windows open. You are an amazing person, I Love both You and that Guy and I look forward to seeing y’all. Is Hero coming? B

    *Brian LeBlanc* ph: (850) 637-2586 *|* e-mail: |

    *Facebook | Facebook Alzheimer’s Page * *blog* |* LinkedIn | Twitter *

    On Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 5:16 PM Truthful Loving Kindness wrote:

    > truthfulkindness posted: “Tru here. Computer Administrative stuff is just > getting much more complicated for me lately. Complications with getting > into Zoom video meetings, Complications with compiling the info needed for > my various tasks. Sometimes i am asked what my d” >

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  3. Be mind to yourself Tru, you are still doing a great job. I think we often expect so much of ourselves, that we fail to realise that we can still do more than so many, out there, with or without dementia.

    Give your brain a break – sometimes, we just have to walk away and hope that tomorrow is a better day. Take care. X

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  4. I agree, beautiful to have you as a friend. The prayer meeting was awesome, although I gave a whole sermon. It was so special. I will have to rely on all your sheets on the computer and my reminders to attend most of the Mentors cafe meetings. It means so much to me. Thank you and God bless.

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