TP and Dementia

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i have answered this question enough times that i decided to just make a page for it;

Why do folks with
mid-to-late stages of dementia
put their toilet paper everywhere EXCEPT for in the toilet?



My most-probable-theory is that she is reverting to her youth,
when it is likely the toilet paper was burned instead of put in toilet.  

In many cultures the toilet paper is not to go in the toilet (even current-day). 
Like my mother; during her formative years my mother used old newspapers or catalogues as toilet paper,
… in an outHouse
(and in fact we used an outhouse during visits at my grandParent’s house until the late 1970s when a real toilet was installed inside the house).

My grandfather insisted that he had been “Housebroken” as a youngster;
he thought it was terrifically gross to have a toilet too close to the living space,
let alone actually INSIDE the house.

Even if they had an actual toilet in your mother’s formative years
Maybe her family had complications with toilet septic tank and needed to make sure it did not get too full.
or simply because the toilet-flushing mechanism was in a perpetual state of not-working when she was young.  

And another issue is “hiding” fresh soft toilet paper;
even if they had an actual toilet in your mother’s formative years
— they may or-may-not have been able to afford the “new” toilet paper;
instead they probably made do with corn cobs, old newspapers,
and the old Sears catalogue.

Whatever the reason, these issues were common in previous generations …
and when she is having more cognitive problems (especially in afternoon and evening) …
then she is likely to revert to childhood patterns in her storage of toilet paper.


i suspect that if i was care-partner, and we were dealing with this symptom in my home,
i would probably suggest one of those diaper pails beside the toilet,
with a simple easy-open lid (not the floor-pedal to open the lid). 
… but it would need to be a different color than floor, toilet, or any nearby walls
(otherwise it would “disappear” from her sight due to lack of depth-perception). 
Then husband would probably make a short shelf above it
to hold spare Toilet Paper,
so that the dispenser is visually associated with the toilet paper.

— or if my mother was hoarding stashes of unused (new-fangled and SOFT) toilet paper
then she might like to keep some rolls of it in her bedroom, and pockets,
and everywhere else that you keep treasures. 
Because soft toilet paper is a treasure and should be valued.


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