For Best Concentration NEED Frequent Toilet Trips

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For most people, Best concentration happens when there are no distractions.

i am trying to remember to make FREQUENT trips to the bathroom, because Pressure in bladder or bowels can distract from concentration needed in other everyday processes. 




Until dementia symptoms i did not need to think about swallow process, or walking, reply to casual comment, etc.   … but now that is changing. 
Discovered that each of those processes requires concentration, and i need to have full concentration on my priorities, so i need to avoid trying to work on something while my brain is distracted by holding in body fluids or solids.


Now, whether i feel the NEED or not …
i make a trip to the bathroom BEFORE eating or drinking
(so that all my concentration can be devoted to swallowing). 
i make a trip to the bathroom BEFORE taking time to sit and talk with my husband
(so that all my concentration can be devoted to communication). 
i make a trip to the bathroom BEFORE sitting down to work on a blog entry,
and before going outside to walk around while doing chores, (less likely to fall) etc. 
… This allows maximum focus for whatever task is at hand.


i am trying to establish the frequent bathroom trips as a ROUTINE now, while i still have this ability to establish routine on my own.  i probably make a bathroom trip most every hour.  This avoids the pressing need of a bathroom trip as distraction.

When i forget, My care-Partner might remind me to wash my hands before we sit down to eat, and while we are there i should stop at the toilet before washing my hands. 

i recognize that change is inevitable.  In later stages, of course, my care-Partner will be joining me on the trip to wash my hands and stop at the toilet.



i have also noticed the benefit of side “grab bars” on each side of our ADA toilet; 
Along with facilitating body movement to sit or stand, these bars can be useful to help empty bladder and bowels. 
We THINK we are done on the toilet, but if i grab the bars and bear down with pressure pushing or pulling … i discover that i was not done after all.  This may feel like “too much information” but has been very helpful for me. 
Running water in the sink can sometimes be helpful for emptying bladder.

Maybe if i go to the bathroom and empty my distractions then i will think of a clever close for this article, LOL .  


from a doctor >> ;

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