Celebrate Success vs Despair

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It has been an extra-rough week for me, and lately it feels like almost everything i try to do almost super-naturally goes wrong.  … which means that i must avoid despair and encourage myself by celebrating when i attempt a “normal” basic task, and SUCCEED; avoiding an extra hour or two of work from messing things up.

With recent minor toe surgery and ANOTHER subsequent infection, my routines have been a bit disrupted; distraction of pain and need to avoid swinging my foot around by walking (and knocking toe into everything from table legs to walls and doors); no going outside with my chickens; Husband says i am not drinking enough liquids (which is an extreme change from my usual challenge of drinking too much and flushing nutrients out of my body), etc.

My usual strategies are not working so well right now, in so many categories.

… and i am needing to take a pain pill every day (before flushing of toe), so that intensifies my thinking problems even more extreme.


no matter what i try to DO, whether physical or just laying on the couch — i create problems.  When i finally do something without creating extra problems (successfully washed my mug as preparation for morning) i CELEBRATE !!!  

As a strategy to avoid despair and depression, when i remember something, … i celebrate. 
i reach over with my right hand and pat my left shoulder with a PHYSICAL “atta-girl” touch, and my ears will HEAR the words “good job”.  … and my husband smiles and will often join in with “Yes, that was good remembering” … or good something-else of whatever i did right.

In the prevailing “negative” moments of dys-Abilities, Recognizing these “positive” moments of ABILITY are crucial to my well-being.




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