Care-Partnering is a Three-Legged Stool

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PROBABLY, one person will not be able to meet all the future needs of Person Living with Dementia (aka “PLwD”), just as a two-legged stool cannot hold you up very well unless you have something to balance against.

One leg of the stool needs to be the input from Person Living with Dementia; please allow us to have input on our own care.  After all it is our body, our personality, and our personhood at stake.

Second leg is primary care-partner (aka “caregiver”, but i do not like that name very much).  Gradually becomes crucial in every element of care.

… but THIRD leg of the stool is an alternate care-partner, available to supply respite-care during self-care for primary care-partner (ie doctor appointments, a soak in the tub, a walk outside alone or with friends, bible study or meditation, urgent medical needs, etc).  i have seen this as crucial in care of others, and would really like to see it established for myself (as person needing care).


If at all possible, it is important to establish this third means of care support in the earlier stages of dementia progression, because can be more difficult in mid-to-late stages.  Change is difficult for EVERYONE — but especially difficult for Persons Living with Dementia (aka PLwD), thus it can become traumatic for both Person Living with Dementia and primary care-partner .  We are reliant on patterns and routine to make our adaptive strategies work, and having a different person with us is a dramatic change; different ATTITUDES, different voice, different way of touching us, etc.  So might require many visits from third care-partner to even begin the adaptive process.


Another point is that i would REALLY like the alternative care-partner for ME to read my blog entries in “crucial” folder (at >> ) and my “Favorites” at  .


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Suggestions for “In-Home Care” by Truthful Kindness at >> ;


… and you might want to check out the Links gathered for Dementia Symptoms and Strategies (alphabetized) at


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