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Tru here.  I plan to include experiences of several others during this week, but this posting is my own experiences.

Reality has rotated; “Consensus” reality (recognized by other persons in my everyday environment) has stepped back and feels more distant — displaced somehow by vivid, ultra-realistic dream reality.
Truthful Loving Kindness:

The world of my dreams has become so terrible that it doesn’t even wake me when I get home (in my dream) to discover that my small dog was put on a roasting spit as dinner for guests to my surprise birthday party.  I am sad and angry, but not awake.  Earlier this week it was cannibalism and that didn’t wake me either.

It has become normal.

Lately, my dream world has been a consistently horrifying reality.  It is hunger … and full of the things people can do to one another in an environment of terror and hardship.  The pressure never lets up to allow rest.

What so disturbs me is that it does not terrify me any longer.  It doesn’t even surprise me.  It has become normal!

These have been wearing me down for months, but before it was just work.  For months I have been working all night trying to solve problems, trying to teach children, trying to do this and trying to do that in a horrid, negative environment.  In the morning I remember the dreams for a few minutes then they are swept away by my daytime work of trying to deal with this daytime world.  And I forget about the night-time world of my dreams … until I again go to sleep and discover myself in this same awful environment, trying to help a different group of people.

Earlier this week, the dream stayed long enough that I still remember the picture: I got to the boxcar that was my home in most of the dreams, and a group of hirsute women were hiding there.  They shaved their faces but body-hair looked like natural turtle-neck shirts under their clothes.  They were outcasts from the ragged society existing in that environment, and I spent the night assisting them.  When I awoke all I remembered was seeing them hiding in my home.

Every night there are several assignments (multiple dream installment-episodes) and I am tired.

I am tired but almost always I am able to make a difference.

In my dreams I have in some way bettered the life of those children, and those women, and many other persons that I don’t remember at all.  My night-time life is scary but rewarding … and exhausting.

My life is very exhausting.
2012-09/21 at 6:30am

Norman McNamara’s “Planet Lewy Body” sounds like it is very similar to my dream-world.

UPDATE:  These very vivid dreams began several months before my dementia diagnosis, and became rare after I began Aricept prescription.

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3 thoughts on “Dementia Nightmares -TLK

  1. Hey you dreamt about me hiding in your home 🙂 (hirsute women. I’m pretty hairy)
    I’m sorry to hear about your nightmares 😦
    I’m also sorry to hear about your dementia diagnosis
    It runs in my family and I’m afraid I’m either getting too.
    What were your symptoms ?

    About your nightmares- revisit your nightmares and change them while you are awake.
    Turn the bad into something positive and recreate your dream into a good one
    It’s a form of dream therapy . It may help 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • For common symptoms suggest check out free video recordings at . Have tried several dream-revision type projects but these ultra-vivid dreams are a common symptom of brain dying and it doesn’t look like it will easily change. Thanks for the suggestion. 😀


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