Check out 500

Tru here.
My focus needs to be elsewhere for July.
You will probably NOT see me on FaceBook, and probably no new blog entries during the month of July.
Other folks have filled in for Dementia Mentors’ responsibilities, and i am doing other things this month.

i have scheduled many personal tasks for remainder of this year;
hoping to consolidate my 20 years of Family History research by the beginning of 2020,
and considering my “Legacy” in some other areas of Life.


… but that does not mean there will nothing to read at this website  …


in five years of effort i now have over 500 blogs with first-person dementia perspective;
200 from myself and 300 from others.

Check them out:
My Top Dozen >>  ;
My Most Crucial >> ;
Other Contributors >>

. .


Hope to have more family time during the next six weeks, so i may skip some blog weeks.
THIS WEEK, along with daily Dementia Mentors’ video chats,
(see )
i may (or may NOT) join the following:

Thurs DAA Discussions
DAA Discussion cancelled for 4th of July.   Go here to get the Link for this week >>…/connect-and-enga…/dementia-discussions/ .

.*.  .  .*.  .  .*.  .  .*.  .  .*.  .  .*.  .  .*.

Next Dementia Chats with Lori LaBey will be July 9. This is twice-monthly recorded TEACHING series involving persons with dementia as experts in Lived Experience.  2nd and 4th Tuesday each month.  Let me know if YOU would like to participate >> .

Teepa Snow’s next video Zoom, “Lets Talk”, open to all persons with dementia, will be held Tuesday JULY 23. Requires prior registration: “Free webinar session for anyone living with dementia who would like to share ideas, concerns, experiences, partner issues or successes. The topics will be determined by the group.” Can be kind-of frustrating working with the registration process, but if you get stuck there is a phone number of someone to help. That is what i needed to do, and so glad Teepa Snow provides a helper for this process. >> .

i hope to attend Teepa Snow’s conference November 17-19 >> .

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