Alone for a Week

Husband was gone last week, so i was on my own.

Had a few mishaps … but nothing which could not be repaired.

Plenty of my chocolate / cold-brew-coffee / protein mixture was on hand, (just not quite enough Cashew Milk to go with it, LOL).

Unfortunately the gluten-free raisin bread i like is no longer available, but i had boiled eggs to go with my 3pm salads (no sharp knives tho), and freezer food was available.  There were bags of pre-cooked crumbled hamburger (with bits of onion), pre-cooked corned beef, and pre-cooked chicken chunks, along with pre-cooked chicken sausages.  Vacuum-packed packets of pre-cooked brown rice were on hand, along with jars of cheese sauces and tomato sauces.

The microwave and i had a week of it.  i even had a bag of Milton’s gluten-free baked crackers to splurge on.

i was left with two phone numbers for local people who could pick up something at the store, and who i could check-in with before going outside for chores etc.  i just needed to remember and check in with them again on my return from chores.  On most days of his trip, i also stayed in pretty close contact with my husband, using text-tool on cell-phone.  (Also have “Find iPhone” app connecting both our phones)

Dog brings his water bowl whenever it gets empty, but pre-bagged dog food in dated, clear plastic baggies enabled me to look at the stack of empty baggies and easily see whether the dog had been fed.

Each of my daily medication compartments (morning, noon, dinner, and bedtime) were empty before bed, so i must have remembered to take all medication.

With text/phone messages from my sister, and my Dementia Mentors’ pals to keep me company on video conversations, all-in-all, i thought the week went well, but it is awfully nice to have my partner back home.


As ElMarie’s suggests in the following video, is also good idea to make sure extra mobility tools are on hand.  i ALWAYS keep them close.

Having to Stay Alone with Dementia from Dementia Mentors on Vimeo.


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5 thoughts on “Alone for a Week

  1. Awesome!! Preparing all that must have taken some time but it obviously was effective. Glad to know you have such a great support network. And your canine and chickens help fill the time as well I’m sure. You navigated as successful journey❤️


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