Re-Heated Taste

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My Taste sensations are much stronger if the food is freshly cooked (and not re-heated).  i no longer taste foods that have been pre-cooked. it is all cardboard; sometimes sweet cardboard or salty cardboard … but cardboard.



We have plenty of foods for me in the freezer, ready for re-heating since i need to eat every two hours for my blood sugar. 
In the past they tasted good … but now they are taste-less.

I WISH this article was about making leftover foods delicious, but for ME taste has strongly changed. 

Like so many other aspects of life,
cognitive decline impacts how we perceive the world and its sensory input.
The Brain determines how we perceive our senses:
… what we touch,
… what we see,
… what we hear,
… what we smell,
… and what we TASTE;
the brain also determines how we perceive the food and drink we put in our mouth (the taste perceptions).

Discovered that i can still taste some foods, but only if they are either raw or freshly-cooked.  Instead of ONE raisin, i now need several raisins at a time, un-diluted by other foods.  i no longer taste the raisins in my oatmeal, so i leave them out of my cereal and just pop a few into my mouth.

More likely to taste sauces than primary food (ketchup, ranch dressing, jam, etc).  Adding EXTRA salt, sugar, catsup, pepper, etc does not seem to be helpful at THIS time, and using these additions excessively may be adverse to existing health conditions.

i can taste the chicken when it comes off the grill (not much, and not always) but now never has chicken taste when cooled, cut-up, and re-heated for use in recipe.  Then it creates nice texture and needed protein, but never taste.

Once in a while i can taste burgers, but only when they are freshly cooked.  Especially do not taste hamburger that has cooled then been re-used in recipe.

So, since i dont taste re-heated foods, my supply in the freezer is not used near as much.  Actually, i am beginning to just drink a lot more of my protein drink. (Even tho i no longer taste much of the flavors in my chocolate/coffee protein drink, i really like the piping-hot or frosty-cold temperature and the creamy texture.).

The key now seems to be fresh or freshly-prepared foods with noticeable texture — texture not necessarily in big chunks, but small, crunchy, easy-to-swallow bits (not puree) create interest despite lack of taste.



Blog only  MONTHLY instead of weekly:

Due to sciatica, i have been mostly in “Laying” position during July, and it has forced some realizations. 
1) My blog is now seven years old.  I have written 290 posts on various symptoms and strategies dealing with my own dementia symptoms, so there is not a lot of “new” things for ME to say on dementia until i experience new symptoms … or further symptom advancement brings new aspects and new strategies to focus. 
2)  Further cognitive loss, and, considering that factor, spending three days a week on dementia issues and connecting with dementia friends does not allow enough time to “finish” my Family History project. 
3)  Blog entries now AVERAGE 8 hours investment per entry.  Plan to change schedule and only focus one day per week on dementia issues and connecting with friends, hoping to share one blog entry per MONTH (instead of one weekly as i had been doing).  

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