Shampoo Strategies with Dementia Progression

Tru here.

Until this summer, i have been able to bathe and shampoo my hair by myself,
with the assistance of setting the bottles to one side, and then transferring each bottle to the other side when i finish using it,
so i can SEE that the step or procedure has been completed, and there is no need to repeat and repeat.
(See suggestions in the hygiene section of “Links for symptoms and strategies” at ).


Bath and shampoo takes high toll on thought process and physical abilities. 
Must conserve my energy until the bath, then not expect any important thinking or rational conversation until the next day


New change;
first we discovered that i was not getting my hair thoroughly rinsed. 
Husband needed to rinse my hair and wash the back of my neck and the parts of body that i could not see

(anything i cannot see does not exist, LOL)

with added confusion and lack of cooperation with my finger dexterity,
i now also need help with soaping process,   
otherwise my hair winds around my fingers and i cannot get my fingers untangled. 


First my husband and i washed my hair every-other-week, and on the alternate weeks he took me to Hair Company for shampoo. 
Now we have it much better as routine, so i only go for “professional” shampoo once a month. 
With my husband’s help, an added benefit is that the bath and shampoo does not consume quite as much energy; still consumes LOTS of energy, but not quite ALL the energy for a day. 

Also, dressing can consume much energy so
i do not try to dress on days for bath and shampoo;
i just pull on a zip-up lounge robe, with clean lounge robe afterwards until bedtime.

It was hard to accept that this change was needed, but i always feel more like ME with long hair,
and I would rather these adaptations than to cut my hair short — since i know this process was just “waiting in the wings” to be necessary even if i DID cut my hair. 
I know further changes will be needed in the future, but feel better now that hair care has been calendared appropriately.


“Links for symptoms and strategies” at .

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