Winds of Change

Tru here.

Yes, we recently had a big storm on Northern California coast, but that is actually not my topic this week.


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Saved at Flickr >> .


It seems change is the one un-deniable constant in our world; some things take a lo-o-o-n-g time to change … but change they do, especially with progressing dementia symptoms.  So it makes sense to be prepared for various types of change.

i have Cerebro-Vascular disease, and in addition to one in in July, i had three “events” (that we suspect were either silent strokes or mini-strokes) in during August;
26Aug2021 and
First i want to mention that the doctor did follow-up tests this year, and none of these tests show evidence of stroke-type event (altho none of the tests were right away, and some of them were not able to be scheduled until three weeks AFTER the last of the events). 
… But several things have changed;
in past years when i had an “event” i would have more fatigue, greater confusion, etc for about one week, but then i returned to my current “normal”. 
…  This year’s events triggered more than a month of extra fatigue and confusion.

Lasting change is probably just more results of my slow cognitive decline. 
My tremors have intensified, and that is creating greater complications with maneuvering medication, cell phone, etc.  Told husband that i am probably at the end of being able to fill my own weekly pill dispenser.
As i wrote last month, i am now getting hair tangled in my fingers, and need help with bath and shampoo. 
i need the walker MOST days in the house now (instead of occasionally) and i no longer go outside to care for chickens unless someone is with me.

….  No big suggestions for new strategies, except for keeping progression in mind, so that it is not so much of a shock, and so that you have the tools on hand to deal with the new symptoms.


More difficult getting interested in story, whether in book or on video.  i start them … and then give up. 
Personally i am finding myself much more interested in art and craft projects right now.

((see below))

Alcohol 20210818//

First try at digital art for “alcohol painting” technique, using ProCreate application. 18Aug2021.  Saved on Flickr at >> .

and …

Alcohol 20211011c//

Second try at digital art for “alcohol painting” using ProCreate application. 11Oct2021 . Did the basic background, then picked what i wanted to emphasize and outlined it, then painted light layer of green over everything EXCEPT what i wanted to emphasize, and added shadow around it.  Saved at Flickr at >> .


Overwhelming Fatigue


You might want to check out my collection of Links for Symptoms and Strategies at >> .

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