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Some folks are astounded at how much i invest on Dementia Awareness.

The only way i can invest this huge amount of time and energy on dementia issues is with enablement from my husband/care-partner.

He is retired from full-time work, but has a part-time job, plus caring for me.

Husband does all the cooking, cleaning, finances, shopping, etc. … plus functioning as my back-up brain and back-up care for my animals (an important factor in their well-being since i often forget whether they have been fed/watered/put away).  Even tho i have notes on the doors to remind me, he often needs to remind me to wash my hands after handling the chickens.

Since my protein blend is such a big part of keeping my blood sugar consistent throughout the day, he mixes dry ingredients in 2-gallon container, then every week he creates the concentrated liquid for my protein – chocolate-coffee drink.
My control-area of kitchen is small because my kitchen responsibilities are minimal;
i dilute my protein drink to half strength (multiple times during the day),
i cook 1 Tbsp oats every day (in microwave),
and i re-heat foods that husband has cooked.


Cleaning is often a huge problem for me, because i do not remember where i have cleaned and what still needs done.  i try to keep  very strong self-discipline, but with dementia symptoms that is not always an asset.  Husband left for work one day with me washing the kitchen floor — when he returned i was still on hands and knees washing the kitchen floor – with painful body and tears of frustration because i knew that at least some areas of floor must be tremendously clean after all these hours, but could not remember where i washed and where i did not wash yet.  That was the last time i did any washing of floors.  I wash my own dishes, but he says i get dirty water on the clean dishes.  (I dont — but that is what HE thinks, LOL.)  I often break dishes when trying to put them away, so then we have glass all over the floor.  etc.


In earlier years i was the one responsible for finances, but since i no longer understand numerical concepts, he needed to take that over entirely. I began forgetting simple driving instructions (like how to make the car go backward), so husband drives me everywhere i need to go.


i still prepare my weekly pill-packs, but he runs oversight, making sure i remember to put clean towel under the processing area, wash my hands, etc.  If i am interrupted during task, he helps me figure out how to resume/finish the task.


his Part-time job (6hrs/week) is very flexible, allowing me to come to work with him on “bad” days, and allowing great time flexibility.  But the income is important for funds to travel for family needs, and when we have time for fun.
… also it usually allows him time away from me, doing his own thing.


Husband enables me to invest most of my time and energy in dementia awareness and advocacy.  If HE was not available to compensate for my dys-Abilities, then i would have no time or energy for dementia issues.  … So i try to make sure he gets a bit of “time off” also.    It is a partnership dance.  Even during the times when our “dancing” is just me moving my feet while he holds me up — we are still moving together.  (This photo is obviously not me, but i have no pictures of us dancing.)

“Effective Listening for Partnership” at ;

“Service User” at ;

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