i am Probably Asleep

Tru here on Saturday.
It has been three years since i have had one of these “events”

Sometimes begins with muscle weakness then moves to nausea etc,
but today’s Began about 10am,
with that feeling of time displacement that i associate with immediacy of brain problems.

You know on sci-Fi films,
when they show just a few moments of time displacement delay?

You are behind yourself, blurred, trying to catch up.
That is what it felt like for me.
Then muscle weakness and nausea followed within about 30seconds.
I didnt find my baby aspirin, but took the full aspirin sitting on countertop.


Truthfully i have few memories of the past 6 hours.
i know husband (Guy) brought me a cup of soup at some point,
and i ate a little bit before falling asleep again.
i know another time i walked a few feet to the bathroom
and almost didn’t make it due muscle weakness and nausea.
Then went back to sleep again.

i can only call it an “event”,
because even tho i have mild-to-moderate cerebro-vascular disease
doctors have not confirmed that these are small strokes.
They have extensively tested for seizures over the years, but not confirmed that either.
… so i just call it an “event” until we have more conclusions.

October 2016 i had an “event” during the last steps of the last walk i took by myself.
I was on return from the Harbor; it hit when i was almost to the door.
Got in the door and maneuvered to the couch.
We had company at the time, and they walked inside from outdoors.
i tried to tell husband what happened
but no sound came out, and folks were busy talking … so no one noticed.
i tried a couple times more, then fell sleep.
That’s Life.

Yes; i have tried going to hospital a few of the times,
but by the time i am actually seen they cannot really tell me anything.
They test and test and test, but never really any results.
Hospital visit means no rest;
cannot sleep in the waiting room, and too cold to sleep in Emergency Room.
That means the first full day of opportunity for brain cell renewal is Lost.
So unless blatant “stroke” symptoms like slurred speech or paralysis,
i just sleep and sleep and sleep.


After these events my walker is imperative (even inside the house),
as balance and muscle strength can be very unreliable for a few days.

After these events i sleep and sleep and sleep some more.
i figure cell renewal is only possible in sleep,
so any sleep after an “event” is a free ticket for better brain health.

I sleep as much as possible afterward,
usually sleeping almost the full first day and much of the next few days.
Often takes about a week of extra sleep
before i do not feel the need for extra sleep
(other than my standard late-morning-to-noon nap).

So you still wont see me much on FaceBook or other webinars, etc.

If i am not online … then i am probably asleep.

Sunday morning:  Slept total 18 hours yesterday; 10 hours during the day plus 8 hours at night.  Able to maneuver without walker this morning, but will not attempt doing outside chores.  Looking back over my notes from 2016 (when i had about 6 “events”) reminds me to keep the walker REALLY close for a few days, and delay any “exercise” for about a week.  Made some revisions to what i wrote, above, and i am headed back to bed.

So, even tho i am not online much this week, want to remind that You are important to me.



THIS WEEK along with daily Dementia Mentors’ video chats, i may (or may NOT) join

DAA Discussions on Thursday.
This week’s topic is “Dementia Friendly & Dementia Friends Initiatives”. It will be hosted by Mike Belleville (with expert Tammy Pozerycki) at 10am Pacific Time, 11 Mtn, Noon Central, and 1pm Eastern Time. These discussions are free and open to both persons with dementia and care-partners. See you there ! >> https://daanow.org/our-initiatives/connect-and-engage-with-others/dementia-discussions/ .

Also dont forget upcoming conferences below (which i will NOT be attending as i have no funding):
Jun 20-22: DAA conference in Atlanta GA on June 20-22 >> https://daanow.org and
Jun 24-26: LewyBody LBDA conference in LasVegas June 24-26 >
> http://www.clevelandclinicmeded.com/live/courses/lewy-body-dementia/ .

i hope to attend Teepa Snow’s conference in November, so keep an eye out for that.

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UPDATE: ((Previously, i had a notice here at base of each entry with announcement and Logo for HealthLine 2019 Best Alz Blogs. To my surprise, after HealthLine contacted me in January with fact that i was included in 2019 Best Alz Blogs, then announcing it publically on March 18, ten days later they decided against including writers with Mild Cognitive Impairment, and removed this blog from their listing, leaving only one first-person perspective. Now i am deleting each of those announcements of my inclusion on HealthLine Best Alz Blogs for 2019. i hope they soon decide to include at least one other first-person perspective in their “Best Alzheimers Blogs”.)) >> https://www.healthline.com/health/alzheimers-disease/best-blogs-of-the-year


16 thoughts on “i am Probably Asleep

  1. Wow!
    What you described is what they have diagnosed a mini strikes for me.
    Usually takes me 30 days to recover.
    Been at least 3 years since last thank God.

    Felt odd to me to see it written and so much what happens to me.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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  2. Howdy, I’ll keep it short. LOL I think I sent you a an em last night? No need to reply. I’m trying to reconnect. I’m in a great emotional/spiritual state. I downloaded Zoom & set my alarms for Thursday at 12 CST! Can’t wait! Take care 🙂

    Get Outlook for Android


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